Searching for Sorel

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Have you noticed your Pinterest feed blow up with some adorable winter boots!? Well - I sure love them and think they are cool and up here in KC super practical! I snagged the Target inspired version for Christmas (thanks to the hubs) and I can't wait to wear them. Okay, so the inspiration behind this post came when a girlfriend told me she wanted a pair but couldn't find any in her size. Well, if that doesn't sound like a stylist challenge, I don't know what does. (side note: I love a good fashion mission). So I jumped at this opportunity to find just the boots she was looking for. Most of the pairs listed above have a pretty good size run, or at least have some normal sizes. There are tons of options out there that have sizes 5s and 6s, oh and that are completely sold out too. So, here you go. Some great options that your normal foot will be able to wear. How do you feel about the Sorel trend? Have you had a hard time finding the perfect pair?