Becoming a Summer

So a few weeks ago I met Linda from House of Colour at an FGI event in KC and hit it off. I had heard a little bit about color theory as a service but had never met anyone who did it for a living, until Linda. Linda is one amazing woman and I adore her and her passion to help others find their true colors. 

I have to say - I do remember back in the day when my mom would talk about how she was a autumn and that meant she only wore colors that were basically fallish colors: browns, deep greens, purples. Did I mention my mama is a true red head too. She yes, naturally those colors do go nicely with her tones. But after I met with Linda, I felt like no one knows what their truest colors are without her service.

So yes, I am a Summer and here's why. I respond better to blue undertones that are muted tones. I had no idea. No really, I didn't know the muted thing. I have ALWAYS had a thing for blue, well more like a thing for turquoisy blues (like, my entry, hallways, kitchen and living room are all basically painted in the hue of light minty-turqoise-light blue magic). So, the whole muted tone thing totally threw me for a loop - as I tend to be drawn toward the brightest of colors. 


Wondering how I know that I am a summer? Linda. She broke down the science of color - red, yellow, and blue are primary colors, meaning that every color is made of these colors and specifically red is the most primary. So since red is the central primary. Every other color (well very basically) is made up of either more yellows or blues (red + yellow = orange, red + blue = purple and so on). So expanding on this theory is - everyone is either has more yellow or blue based undertones. So from there she draped white fabric over my outfit and my hair and began to compare colors in yellow and blue tones. You guys, I didn't even have make up on and it was so cool to see how my face coloring literally CHANGED when the fabric tones of yellow based changed to blue based. (I might have forgot to mention that I went with out makeup for this meeting, so we could totally see my actual skin colors come to life). From there Linda draped brighter tones and more muted tones of beautiful fabrics one by one - eliminating the brights for wearing me, while the muted (but most still very strong colors) I wore, them. That was super cool too!

Then it was officially official - I'm a summer!

Linda then showed me what colors of make up to use and that black is not one of my colors (I'm still dealing with this, and it might take me a while to actually grasp what this means, no black). So no more black mascara, instead brown or navy are my best choices. Cool, right!? So I tried the navy. I also put on this super hydrating liquid mineral foundation with blush and then we got to play in the lipsticks. Linda believes that every woman has 3 points of red for lipstick, (mine are pink, fuchsia, and red) and those make you ready to go at a moments notice. I can definitely dig on that. So we went through three pinks, fuchsias, and reds to find the perfect matches for me. I have to say it is definitely liberating - to know what colors are 100% good on me, especially make up. I mean, it's right there, on your face for everyone to see. 

 We also talked about jewelry and how silvers, white golds, platinums are better for summers. Which is great, since my wedding ring is white gold and all, but um, like ALL of my costume jewelry is gold(ish). Linda to the rescue, she said that's okay - but you just have to know what your best colors ARE. It's her job to tell you the truth - it's up to me to implement it my way. See how the correct tones just look better together?

My homework: to sort through my clothes and divide them in two sections. The first section is for the clothes that do fit in my color scheme, and the second for those that do not. So at this moment I still need to do this. I felt like I would need an extra hand in this department because it's hard to not see your clothes and want to keep them/wear them. And when I told Linda this she showed me that each season has a swatch book and it has a little sample of all the colors that work for you, in a little fold up wallet that you can throw in your purse. So I snatched that up and can't wait/super nervous to compare my clothes to the swatches. 

I feel like I have a whole new focus for what kind of colors I need to buy for my wardrobe. It has totally opened my eyes to a whole new level of personal shopping that I am so glad you share with you and my clients. I told my husband about this and I thought he would like to do the color analyst too. It's a great way for guys to know the right color of shirt/suit to buy to make them look their best. And who doesn't want that, right!? 

Sound like something you need - head over to Linda's site to learn more about her skills and its benefits and how you can contact her too. 

Okay, so what do you think? Would you want to have your color analysis done? Or have you had this done to you? Please share your fun findings with me below.


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