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For this week's installment of Town Center awesomeness I wanted to bring you some cool ways to work it out and look good doing it. Lululemon Athletica is not just on the plaza it is out south too! I stopped in their store and created three looks for your everyday life. The first look is the workout (so literally you could wear this to go work out). The second look is the "in-between" you could wear this to workout and then go to lunch with a girlfriend after kind of look. The third look is straight up - just going out on the town (yes, they do sell clothes not to workout in). AND there's a great new workout studio - Body Lab - and it will rock your world! Body Lab is like a Pilates studio on steroids and is located just south of Trader Joe's in Town Center Crossing. I tried out one of the complimentary classes with Ali my super awesome intern (she's pictured below). 

1st Look: Work Out

I wanted to create a fun look of pieces that I would actually wear to work out in. So I grabbed the funkiest pair of Wunder Under pants (I'm kind of in love with the print) a great little tank and sports bra with a cardigan. I love all of these pieces and they feel so amazing on too! P.S. If you're going to invest in a pair of Lulu pants the Wunder Unders are the perfect place to start. 

Breezy Tank c/oFree to be Bra c/oCabin Yogi Cardigan c/o, Wunder Under Pants c/o, and New Balances (mine) 

2nd Look: Work Out to Lunch (in-between outfit)

This look seems pretty casual at first, but did you see the sides of these leggings!? I mean why do you think the smile on my face is so huge!? They are so sassy I just can't stand it! So fun. Anyways I grabbed this great little sweater that has a ton of cool specs of color in it to wear with these insanely cool leggings and added this citron vest that just so happens to match the inside of my high tops, pretty cool, huh!? This is definitely a look you could wear for a quick workout over lunch and then head over to grab a bite with a girlfriend afterwards. It's so fun and functional.

Yogi Crew Sweater c/o, Fluffed Up Vest c/o, Just Breathe Pant c/o, J.Crew Nike high tops (mine)

3rd Look: Going Out 

Okay, so before when I shopped at lulu I only thought they sold workout wear, I know I'm not the only one, right? Well I was pleasantly surprised when they showed me these amazing tuxedo styled pants. I would never workout in them and you're not supposed too. So, that's why we paired it with this amazing cutout top with a citron lattice back sports bra and printed scarf. It's a look I would definitely wear out on a date with the hubs or a fun night out with my girls too! Did you know you could shop for pieces just to wear at lululemon? So cool! 

Back Up Long Sleeve top c/o, Tuxedo pant c/o, Energy bra c/o, Pranayama scarf c/o, and J.Crew booties (mine)

So onto the workout! I stopped into Body Lab a few weeks ago and met Jena and Michael Green to owners, to talk about their brand new studio and classes. They showed me around their studio which is located just south of Trader Joe's in Town Center Crossing. Michael showed Ali some of the signature moves and the basics of the machines.

The Body Lab KC is the first and only studio in the KC metro area to offer the innovative Megaformer™/Lagree Fitness® Workout. This coveted method is practiced by those who are dedicated to changing their bodies....from busy mom's and brides-to-be to celebrities and pro athletes. 

It's a unique fusion of
♦ strength
♦ cardio
♦ endurance
♦ balance
♦ flexibility in every move. 

You'll get it all in one 50 minute, heart pumping, muscle quivering, lengthening, total body strengthening workout.

The Megaformer™, invented by Sebastien Lagree, is a ground breaking system of resistance and counter resistance used to place the muscles under constant tension. The low impact program is performed at a slow and controlled pace, activating slow twitch muscle fibers to build a long and lean physique. The Megaformer™ allows for an unparalleled total body workout...You'll never reach a training plateau as the effective intensity can always be adapted to suite the beginner to the extremely advanced.

Welcome to the evolution of full body fitness. Change your body, change your life!

Special thanks to Ali for trying out all the moves before our class and Michael for showing us the ropes! 

Special thanks to Ali for trying out all the moves before our class and Michael for showing us the ropes! 

The Body Lab workout was insanely amazing. I still might be a little bit sore from the workout. It's just amazing how amazing your feel after working out and pushing yourself. If you're looking for a new way to tone up in the new year I highly recommend Body Lab. It's an intense workout, but you will not regret it! You can sign you for a free class here


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