Beauty Favs

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I've collected and tried a lot of different brands and colors of makeup over the years and have found so pretty great favorites.  These are my favorites from my daily makeup routine! 

1. Benefit They're Real mascara - this little wand showed up in my stalking from Santa and I have to say it's pretty great. I like the fan on the bristles and how the end has a few that are perfect for catching those baby eyelashes.

2. Elf Flawless Finish Foundation in Sand - This is an awesome liquid foundation that I used everyday and apply with a foam sponge. It goes on really nicely and has a good amount of coverage for sure. 

3. Elf Pressed Powder in Ivory - Now this is basically a setting powder for the liquid foundation mentioned above. I love how light this goes on too. It's 

4. Elf Studio blush in Pink - I know this is super bright looking but it doesn't go on super heavy and it looks awesome with the Estee Lauder bronzer below.

5. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzer in Deep - This is literally the BEST bronzer! I love it. It's huge and lasts forever! I like that it's not super orangey and has a brown undertone that makes me look super naturally brown. 

6. Bobbi Brown lipstick in Cosmic Raspberry - This is the lipstick that I wear EVERYDAY and love that it has blue undertones and can go with basically anything. I feel like it brings out the turquoise in my eyes too. So I don't hate that!

What are you favorite make-up go-to's for your everyday look? Leave a comment below and tell me something new I should try!


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