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I take gift giving very seriously - and you all probably knew that by now. But for real, I think it is the best way to show someone exactly how you feel about them. Isn't so fun to see what people pick out for you, and how special you feel when you receive something like that. Well, I sure do. I'm helping spread the word on gift giving with (sorry for the plug) by sharing with you guys my favorite present that I've ever received. 

So, my favorite gift I received on my 21st birthday a vintage Tiffany's ring. Okay so here's the back story. My Dad gave my Mom this emerald Tiffany's ring the day I was born (nice push-present Dad). My mom saved it for me and gave it to me on my 21st birthday. It is one of my most treasured pieces. It's that thing (that all girls will understand) that if my house was to catch on fire, the ring the first thing I would grab. I know it sounds trivial for jewelry to have that kind of importance. But, I just love that my Dad gave it to my Mom the day I was born, and I get to wear it now. It's a family heirloom that I can one day pass down to my (un-born) daughter (well, fingers crossed). What's your favorite gift you've received? Don't you just love giving gifts?

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Budget Friendly Gift Guide:

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