Advent Calendar and Care Package

I've scene a few fun advent calendars on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to make one and throw it into a Christmas themed care package for a friend. I started this whole idea with knowing I wanted to write the date on one side of a card, and a Bible verse on the back. I then popped over to Hobby Lobby to pick out all my supplies for the advent calendar.


1. Mini clips (2 packs) $1.99

2. Decorative ribbon $2.99

3. White tags $1.99

4. Colorful markers (had at home) 

I poked around all the isles of ribbon, tags, and crafts until I found all the right items I wanted from the list above. When I got home I grabbed my markers and wrote the numbers in alternating red and green colors. I then turned the cards over and wrote verses on the back. 

I then unwound the ribbon and began to clip the tags to the ribbon in order of 1 - 25. I gave myself about 4 inches of slack on each end of the ribbon. Then slipped the ribbon. 

I then collected a ton of fun Christmas-y things to complete the care package. I threw in some m&m's and a cute dish to put them in, a mini Christmas tree and decorations, a funny Santa hat, a cranberry scented candle, jingle bells, and our family Christmas card into a box I had and shipped it off. I can't wait for my friend to open it and see what's inside!


Did you make a advent calendar this year? And would you send a loved one a Christmas care package? Just another fun idea to spread the love this season.