What's in my bag?

I always love reading posts like this. It's the creep in me wanting to know/ see if these girls are just like me. Can we just say that I'm a mess and trying to get ALL the contents of my purse into one shot was hilarious. Oh and then I almost forgot to put my keys and phone in the pic, awesome. But anyways here's what I need to make the day go smoothy. 


Charming Charlie's purse (in store): I love the structure and the color of this bag. It's definitely big enough to fit ALL my stuff, thank goodness. And I love the marsala/merlot color that's happening. I just picked this one up at the Charming Charlie's out south at Town Center Crossing, and I bet they still have a few more too. 

PlannerNotebookKate Spade pouch: I always have and probably will always have a physical planner, there's just something about writing down meetings and plans that solidifies it a little bit more. I love getting to look back and see what we've done, or check back to see when something happened. It's a great reference. My notebooks are where pretty much every thought and idea. I write it all down so I then again can look back on it when I need it. And my little pouch is where I keep all my receipts. I hate hate hate having loose receipts all over my purse, and even if I need them, I will just throw them away. So I've got the pouch to keep them in, until I can file them away. 

AE Aviator sunnies: My favorite style of sunnies with a great reflective lens and rose gold frame that the hub's gave me for my bday. I've got them ready to roll, all day, everyday. 

iPhone 5/ Kate Spade 'Eat Cake for Breakfast' case: CAN'T live without it. I love my trusty iPhone5 but am pretty excited to be upgrading to the iPhone6 (I think) soonish. I have an upgrade ready to roll, just gotta go get it! So funny - I'll probably wait until after the holidays to get it all set up. Do you guys think I should get a 6 or a 6 plus? Let me know what you think. 

Stella and Dot earrings: Okay for reals, I am that girl that will always take off a pair of earrings as soon as she gets in the car after an event, and the earrings go in the purse and will stay there. And stay there. Until I "can't find them" and then they get back into rotation again. I'm a mess, but I love my jewels. 

Calligraphy pen/ Writing Pen: I like keeping the calligraphy pen around for special little notes, especially thank you notes. I love to write the receivers name all pretty. The regular go-to pen is for writing notes in my planner. I've always liked this style of pen, and dig the way my handwriting looks when I write. What are your fav pens?

Perfume roller: I picked up this amazing little amazing perfume roller in my girlfriend's store in OKC, and LOVE it. It's powerful and mighty and smells so yummy. It's made long lasting dark rum oil that literally lasts all day. It's awesome!

Essie nail polish in 'Watermelon': I do always get a little nervous about having nail polish in my purse, but I've learned it's always better to have freshly painted  nails than chipped nails. And I love how bright this color is. It's fun for all seasons for sure. 

South Beach Jumpstarts Carb Control Snack Bars: I always have protein bars on me at all times. You just never know when you will be out shopping and need a pick me up, ya know? And these are great, I like that they have less sugar and more protein than other snack bars and the toffee and the coconut flavors are yummy too. I'm usually not always a bug fan of coconut, but these weren't bad.   

J.Crew magic wallet (old) similar here: Another fab present from my husband. I love these little magic wallets and have carried one probably since high school. I just love how little they are. They are perfect for a night out with your girlfriends when you don't feel like taking anything else besides your phone and card and maybe a little bit of cash too. 

Daniel Wellington watch: Yes, this should be on my wrist, but I like to take it off when I'm typing, so into the purse it goes. Or I don't have time to put it on before I scoot out the door, so I pack in my purse to put on when I arrive at my meeting. And well, I can just assume I forgot to do that, and here we are. Hilarious.

Business cards/ GiGi New York Business card envelope similar here: This is one thing for sure that I ALWAYS have on me. I'm always getting to meet new people and I love getting to give them a business card to take with them after. So then they can check out this little beauty and can contact me too! 

Anthropologie wallet (old) a fun option here: Wondering why I have two wallets, well yeah, this one is for all the cards that I like to have on me, but aren't anything I always need, ya feel me? Oh and I like putting change and cash in this one too. 

Keys/ Madewell key fob: I keep it super simple on my key fob - my car key and remote start (thank you Kansas City winters) fob for my car. I have my mail box key and house key in my car. Yep, that's right. Keepin' it simple.

Laura Geller lip crayon in 'Purple Current'/ Stila gloss: Okay for reals, you guys, if you haven't tried the Laura Gellar lip crayons, you gotta do it. I literally can not get enough. The pigment is super high, so for a gloss you actually get a lot of color, but instead of the dried out lip feel, it's glossy. I mean, it's literally the best stuff ever. And then for moments I'm not feeling a bright color I go for one my Stila lip glosses. My mom got me a the multi-pack and I love it. They have them at Nordstrom rack right now for a steal! 

So there it is, my life in a handbag. I hope you guys liked it! And let me know if there's something you have in your purse that you think I need.