Christmas Card Calligraphy

Back in the day (like in middle school) I took extra art classes after school and dabbled in calligraphy. Well, scrap-booky calligraphy that transformed into a hand written version of calligraphy. This style is adapted from just regular cursive hand writing with added in thickness to longest line on the letter to create the calligraphy look. I love doing this all year long but was excited to show you how to address Christmas cards this year.

Before I get started I like to doodle it out on just a scrap piece of paper using my Zig Memory Writer pen (the name sounds fancier than it is). I write the first name and or address to get the flow going, over and over again to make sure everything is spelled correctly and looks good. I just write out their name in cursive and if you can't really remember how to write in cursive check out this cursive alphabet for inspiration.  I then use the doodles to help center the names and addresses on the card, to make sure it looks just right (centered). I then write out the full name and address on the envelope in cursive. And then draw lines down the longest line of the letters and fill in the gap in the curves of the letters, and I'm done. It's pretty easy and fun to do while I watch the Real Housewives. 

I love getting to decorate cards like this for everyone's birthdays. It definitely adds a special touch to any note that you leave. I also like to write like this, but even sketchier with a regular pen, for quicker notes. It adds a special touch to any birthday card, thank you note, or Christmas card. 

Just have confidence that you can do this, and know that it doesn't have to look perfect. That's the beauty of this cursive calligraphy-ish writing. You can make it just how you want it. And you can always re-do it. And no one will know. Just practice and know that whoever receives the note will feel super special and they will love it. Now, who are you going give a sweet little note too?