Thankful for Shopping

I know the title is a little ridiculous...but I am. Shopping is more to me than just buying a cute outfit. To me it is how I show my loved ones I love them. To me there's nothing better than receiving a gift that you didn't ask for. A great gift from someone you love just reiterates the fact that they "get you." So yeah, I am thankful for shopping.

Here's my list of what I am thankful for:

1. My husband. He is my constant encourager and I wouldn't be able to do what I do without him.

2. My family and close friends. You too know how to make me tick, and I love having you all in my corner.

3. The KC blogging community. It is super awesome having you all to bounce ideas off of, and share the best ways to get everything done with.

4. Working for myself. It's been quite the experience and I am thrilled to work on what I love everyday. I love getting to work for my clients to make them feel amazing. And getting to create just the right look for my catalog clients. A dream.

5. This blog. It's been an amazing adventure and I love having you guys to share all my ideas and dreams with. And I love hearing how the blog has touched you. So cool.

What are you thankful for this year?

Also I wanted to give a few shopping tips for this weekends festivities! 

1. Make a list of everyone you are actually buying for this year. This was huge for me. I kept seeing things I loved, but for people I had already bought presents for. So, keep your list with you and stick to it.

2. Set a budget per person. This is also huge for me. I will want to buy lots for everyone, especially because there's so many beautiful presents everywhere. So stay strong.

3. Pre-shop. Get an idea of what you want to get everyone on your list and get online to see where you can actually find those pieces. Then, check the stores you like to shop and see what sales they have coming up.  So you can score a major deal!

4. Map out your course. If you plan on going to the mall (I'll pray for you, just kidding) be sure to stick to your course so you can get in and out without spending too much time an money.

5. Grab that gift receipt. You just never know if your loved one is going to love what you got them, so be sure to ask for a gift receipt when you are checking out. So they can return your well thought out gift with no issue. 

Happy Thanksgiving and shopping this weekend. I hope these tips help:)