Okay you guys....I'm obsessed with jewelry, and clothes, and shoes, and well ya know everything pretty. But I have to say the Netflix meets Birchbox jewelry cousin of these monthly indulgences is Rocksbox. What's Rocksbox!? Well, I am so gladddd you asked. It's a membership-based jewelry styling service - (you take a quick style survey, so they know what pieces you will love) then they send you three pieces of designer jewels, and you can keep for as long as you want. It's only $19/month to get access to a personalized rotating closet of designer jewelry, sent in sets of three at a time that total $200. And you literally get to keep the pieces for as long as you want, and when you are ready to switch out for new jewels, you send your old ones back (or buy them at 20% off retail), and they will send you three new wonderful pieces. So yes, if you want to buy the pieces (because I mean, why wouldn't you) you get a 20% discount! Awesome!! Right!? 

Okay so when I signed  up for Rocksbox I put this fun spikey necklace on my wishlist, and told them that I adore Loren Hope jewels and I got them in my very first box! Holler! Oh and I mean I love House of Harlow too, duh. How amazing is that bangle? I can't wait to stack it up tonight! I wore the Loren Hope earrings literally ALL day yesterday and they didn't even hurt (until like 10pm, why I still had them on at 10pm, I know crazy town). But every piece is amazing super high quality! The Loren Hope earrings look like a vintage piece you would find in your grandmother's collection, and the fuchsia colored stone are so vivid I love love love them! The spikey statement necklace is so shiny it really stands out and is a gorgeous piece! And the black piece in the bangle is leather - okay, so fab! 

So basically I'm obsessed with Rocksbox and think that if you love to wear jewels this is perfect for you. I love getting to try different designers and they are sent to your front door step. Oh and I think I forgot to mention, they send you a labeled pouch to send back the jewels in - so you don't have to pay to have them shipped back, cool. 

I'm going to wear all of these gorgeous pieces out tonight and have the look for you all next week!