gbs x chi recap

do you remember when i attended the

go blog social

conference back in march (and it totally blew my mind)!? well when i heard they were takin' it to chicago (a city i've really grown to love) i knew i had to go! so i purchased my gbsxchi ticket, plane ticket, got my girl lauren from classy and fab girl to, then hotel, and packing! haha packing! 

i literally loved every speaker this year too! the started off with brush brews, delicious breakfast treats, and great giveaways too! the first speaker was martiza from

beauty for bloggers

and she gave some really amazing tips and tricks, my favorite was the not-so-complicated-complicated-looking knot braid. you literally pull your hair into two sections, braid them, and then twist them. done and done. i also loved getting to meet so many wonderful bloggers from chicago! it's so fun getting to connect and hear about why they started their blogs, and what they blog about, and how the heck we are (well basically all) working full time and blogging. it's a pretty amazing for sure. it was also pretty neat to meet danielle from

the everygirl

. all i can say is that girl is presh, inspiring, hard working, and kind. she was super honest and gave great advice and insight on how she does it all (with her wonderful business partner/ roomie alaina + wonderful team) to make the everygirl what it is. i loved when she talked about the specifics of what they did to launch the everygirl. they used their network that they had genuinely built to blow it up. and boy has it. 

i can't wait to show you the amazing things that


and i have been working on. there will be something super special happening on birthday. i'm so excited about it i could scream, but i won't, i just want to tell you now. but i won't, not just yet. but just know you're gonna love it! ps my bday is the 19th!



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