blog tour

happy monday everyone!

i've got a little something special today on the blog for you, a little blog tour. what's a blog tour, that's what i was wondering when my friend noey from lattes and lavender asked me to be apart of one. it's a fun way to show your readers other wonderful bloggers your follow and share a little bit about what makes you special. i was excited when she asked me to be apart of hers, and i'm excited to show you a few of my favorite gals too. 

noey from lattes and lavender featured me on her blog tour last week and you can check out her other favorites here. i adore her style and getting to read her blog to see what's inspiring to her and especially reading up on her cute little daughter. she's a fabulous kc blogger that loves to write about lifestyle and fashion. i always love running into her at events and getting to catch up. be sure to add her blog to your favorites list for sure.  

1. what am I working on?
what haven't i been working on lately. i feel like there are tons of wonderful things happening right now and come october you are just going to flip. no really. i'm working with katie from little black blog on another secret project. and i literally can noooottt wait to show/tell you guys all about it. i know it's lame not to tell you exactly what's going on, but let me just say that it's totally worth the wait. 

2. how does my work differ from others of its genre?
 my voice and perspective. i know there's a ton of other bloggers out there showing you how to wear j.crew, and that's awesome! but, i'm here to tell you what i think and how i would wear it. i love just getting to make you think outside the box, even for a second. i think the way you dress is important, and you should have fun with it. i mean why, not!?

3. why do I write/create what I do?
i do this because ever since i had a subscription to vogue and went to modeling in school in 8th grade, fashion has just been in my blood. i just get it and it gets me. i know it's just a part of who i am and i love to help others understand it as much as i do. i've helped a lot of people understand fashion, and make it work for them. it can be very overwhelming for sure, so knowing that i can help people figure it out and then feel good about it, that's why i do this. 

4. how does your writing/ creating process work?
as a creative person - i just try to stay inspired and keep my content authentic as possible. i want my voice and everything on here sound and feel as real as possible. i like to schedule out my posts for the month and make new goals for myself, and then see what else needs to be said. that's basically my moto. over prepare so you can go with the flow. i think that's great to plan and make sure you know where you're going, but when something inspires you, let it.

speak of inspirations i adore one of my favorite new bloggers i met on instagram catherine from my inner fabulous. catherine is a minneaplois blogger after my own heart. she mixes and matches those patterns with the best of them. be sure to go check out her blog and show her some love! 

i also adore the most fabulous twins in the blogging game, elizabeth and emily from fashion column twins. these lovely ladies are quite the duo. they always manage to create the best outfits that always look perfectly paired together. you should check out their blog to see what you should to buy from the legends, not just for you but for your dude too. yep, they write about guys stuff too! 

don't you just love finding new blogs? i know i do! what other bloggers to you love to follow? i love getting to know and follow other fabulous bloggers in the game. let me know:)


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