dress: j.crew (old) similar here and here | cardigan: j.crew (old) similar here and here  sandals: marshall's (old) similar here and here | bag: tory burch  
necklaces: j.crew (old) similar here, nashelle, stella and dot, and dogearred | sunnies: ralph

you know those moments in life when you just look up at the sky and just let out a really good sigh? that's how last week was for me. life lately has felt like i've been holding my breath. but near the end of last week i  was able to let the heaviness of life go just for a little bit. i feel like our jobs make us feel like if we aren't stressed than we aren't working hard enough, and i think this has got to stop. sure there are moments where things blow up and you have to put your serious hat on for a minute. but, why does it all have to be so serious? sometimes life or just certain situations just suck. and that's totally okay. but we've got to then look around and really appreciate all the wonders we've been given. this sure is beautiful. now we've got to go out and live it.


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