top 10 at shopbop

top 10 at shopbop

1. oh buddy, i sure adore this floral printed suit. for what occasion you ask, hmmm i guess i'd say a girls night out would be perfect for it and these too.  

2. two classics in one, the tortoise and the cat eye, also a super flattering style too. it's a win, win. 

3. the mini mac is my current obsession and i'm pretty smitten over the green hue of this particular one

4. this dress, i mean come on. it's perfect and so are these

5. these jeans are everything and would look perfect with #7

6. need it. and these too.

7. perfect with vintage shorts and to wear with #5 later

8. umm that tribal print on the back totally updates the classic pump.

9. gingham. done.

10. the simplicity of these babies are stunning. these too.

i've recently starting shopping at and am always impressed by what i find. have you shopped their sale? it's pretty awesome!! and what's your favorite piece from above? do you own any of these pieces? let me know what you are loving.


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