the sweetest person

last thursday heaven gained a new angel. the sweetest person i've ever known, my  grandmother waynel cook. she was just one of those people that made you feel like a million bucks. every accomplishment not matter how small or normal, she made it feel like you were the only person that could make it happen. she couldn't be happier for you at all times. it was always just so wonderful to be around her. i will miss getting to call her and get to talk to her and tell her about my life and getting her advice. 

i know she will always be with me. and i will carry her memories with me always. and that's all i need. is there anyone that you have in your life that loves you like that? and who do you have that you can be yourself with and loves you no matter what? i love getting to hear stories of loved ones. it's what it's all about right?


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Caitlin ForeComment