my favorites: j.crew fall 2014

my favorites: j.crew fall 2014

1. adorable star printed button down.

2. these zipper pants are so cool, they will update any look. 

3. love the mirrored sunnies trend even into fall.

4. the delicacy of these rings remind me of the ones my favorite blogger wears, and i love them. they are perfect to wear everyday.

5. ever since planning our wedding i have been obsessed with soft shades of blue, and these earrings have me swooning. i'm thinking i need these for a wedding this fall, don't you?

6. this sweater had me at mixed fabrics and textures. this is one of those special pieces you can wear over and over again and never get tired of it.  

7. these little booties give me a little 70's vibe and i am lovin' it. these would look great with skinnies and even a skirt for now and tights in the fall. what do you think of the color, cool right?

8. i think this sweater is rather funny. it makes me wonder why one would need a sweater with an exclamation point on it, but then again why wouldn't you? 

9. talk about jump in my closet right now (i know it was over 90 degrees today, but who cares). this is a great jacket for the fall that will stay with you for years to come. 

10. here is one pair of sassy flats. the black and white calf hair on this pointed fabulous shoe is classic. this would be great to wear with a lbd or jeans and tee shirt with a statement necklace. they are perfect for every occasion

11. a good ole pair of dark wash skinnies. yep, yep, yep. these are perfect for you and you should want to jump right into them! 

12. i'm a big fan of these skirts that j.crew likes to do. they are just short enough to feel fun and young, but not too short to wear you feel a little scandalous wearing them. the design of the fabric is amazing, check it out in this pair of pants too!

13. need a great bag for fall, this baby is it. the horn handle is what this bag is all about. it's classic allow you to wear it all year round, not just for fall. 

i know it's still hot as blazes outside right now, but j.crew launched their first fleet of fall product this week and i am dying. as usual. so i put this together for you now to show my favorite pieces, plus so when you are ready for fall you know what pieces you need to snag. anything you are excited to wear this fall?


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