how to paint furniture the easy way

yes, you read that right. there is an easy way to paint furniture. it does take time and patience. but the end result is totally worth it. i promise. 

to begin this wonderful project you will need a great piece of vintage furniture. i found mine at a thrift store for $30. i was stoked. i had my eye on a buffet table for a while but couldn't find just the right one. until this one.

-deglosser aka the no sanding part of this tutorial
- high gloss enamel paint
- roller and small pan
- paint brush
-spray paint for the hardware
-drop cloth

here she is in all her glory. not bad, but she didn't pop. stay with me as i bring her to life.

step 1. de-gloss = no sanding down the wood
 wipe down wood with this and rag. be sure to really rub and rub curve and crevice you can. it will make the paint go on a lot smoother. allow that to dry before painting.

step 2. take off hardware
unscrew the hardware and tape loose screws to the inside of the drawer. this helps keep track of the screws during this process. take hardware outside or to your garage.

step 3. spray paint hardware
lay hardware face up on cardboard. be sure to shake the can has much as the directions say to. this will ensure an even un-runny coat of paint. spray away. allow to dry and spray any areas that didn't get sprayed or need a little touch up. 

step 4. paint the furniture
i know. this is the most daunting of the tasks. but you can do it. grab a stir stick and make sure you mix up your paint well. this too will ensure a coverage of the paint. lay down a drop clothe under the buffet table (or any pieces of vintage furniture). pour paint into shallow pan and cover small roller with a even coat of paint. roll the sides and top of the buffet table. take the drawers out and paint individually. a large paint brush and paint the drawers and details of the buffet table. repeat until you are reach the desired coverage. i did two coats - and it turned out great.

step 5. put hardware back on
screw it on from the back. and make sure you pieces are level. 
and you are good to go!

i'm pretty happy with the way it turned out! what do you think? what piece of furniture would you want to paint? i know you can do it! now do it.


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