spring wants

spring wants

first, i would like to welcome spring for finally arriving in kc. now, if she could just slow her roll a little bit. i feel like we went from wearing a coat (like a week ago) to summer dress (no cardigan) weather, real quick. 

now i'm obsessed with these pieces for spring. l.o.v.e. this "yes" shirt from j.crew (i know, predictable). but i think it is a great mantra to have, say yes. and then you can figure it out later. i'm throwing it back, by just needing a basic pair of black (and i want white too) chuck taylors, just for real casual days. right now my shoe collection doesn't really have a grey area between ballet flat and dog walking shoes. these pretty much fit the bill, right? oh and another classic, the dark skinnies. i just need a new fresh pair i can throw on with everything (right now, most of my jeans are just a wee bit faded and no one likes that). this clutch is adorable and perfect for any date night/girls night/ date night. love the pattern and the straw material - so presh for summer. oh, and these earrings, they are ridiculous and i love how huge they are. they are fabulous and i would totally wear all of this together! 

happy spring!


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