closet organization: my first client

i was excited to get back home for the weekend and work with my clients in oklahoma! i kicked off the weekend with my very first client, my mama! i started styling by dressing my mom. she is a political  figure and has to look good all the times. but, she doesn't love having to wear a black suit with a white shirt (day in and day out). she has way more personality than that! she likes to have fun with her clothes - and that's where i come in! plus i can help organize to make it easier to see what she has in her closet. below are a few before photos.

my mission as a stylist is to make your clothes work for you. i went through my mom's closet and tossed out pieces that were too dated for her, and told her what pieces she needed to be tailored to bring them up to date so she can keep wearing them. i went through her closet with her and had her show me the pieces she wanted to get rid of. and she had great insight and we got rid of basically everything she did love!

i then reorganized all her clothes to make it easier to create looks everyday. we moved her 'out of season' tops and jackets up high and out of reach. i then organized her pants by season and moved the casual springy pairs to the front. organized the dresses by dressiness to work appropriate, i tucked the dressier dresses to the back. then pulled the skirts together, jackets and organized her suits by color. she rotates her suits so she doesn't re-wear them back to back (love that she does that). i then organized her tops by sleeve length and dressiness. 

then came the t-shirts and boxes and extra shoe racks. my mama has a lot of tee shirts (especially oklahoma state t-shirts). i took it all out and divided all of the shirts (along with sweat pants/ yoga pants) and refolded and organized according to category. then we placed the osu short sleeve and long sleeve tees with the woven baskets, sweaters in the large stripe box, the swim suits and cover ups in the see through box, and the extra scarfs in the little turquoise box. then i got rid of the extra shoe racks. i mean she has this bad mama-jama and didn't need the little baby ones that were tucked away.

then we created a few looks for her to wear now. i put together looks for her using pieces she wanted to wear. a light weight tweed skirt, and a printed top. i made both of those pieces stand out by pairing pieces that compliment her figure. 

doesn't my mama look great!! i loved getting to style her and make her feel great about the pieces she owns! now onto the check list and helping her find the perfect pieces to complete her wardrobe. 

let me know if i can help make you fall in love with your clothes again! 


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