pepperologie kc

jessie atrigue the fab blogger of style and pepper (a former kc resident) was back in in town, to speak at go blog social (i couldn't wait to meet her), and since she was back she wanted to host another pepperologie event. i found out about the event, and booked my tickets immediately. i knew it was going be an inspiring event, full of girly things and lots of new memories. 


pepperologie was held at the farmhouse (a precious farm to table restaurant) and the brunch they had for us was so delicious. i can't wait to go back!

emmy - ray from hand maker of things taught us how to create gorgeous bouquets. out of regular grocery store flowers (i mean, how amazing). she told us to create the bouquet by starting with a green nest, then pick the extra green leafs off the stems (if you don't that's usually why flowers start to smell, great news), then place the flowers in one by one, turning the vase as you go. oh, and keep the flowers in your arrangement in the same color family, warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows) and cool colors (blues, purples, and greens), to create a florist look. i was blown away by how easy she made it look, like, i can really do this!? okay! get ready party people! this will be the hostest gift from now on!

seriously, how gorgeous is this bouquet!?

jamie miller from the jamie miller hair parlour showed us how to wear her hair for day and night. this look is a faux bob, and i was blown away. her super sweet model has super long hair and she pulled it back in a low pony tail, and twisted it up, and pinned a few times. i looked so polished and natural, i can't wait to try this look. ps, jamie does amazing blow outs, and i am booking one soon. i've never done one before and i can't wait!

another precious bouquet from emmy-ray.

i was so thrilled to attend pepperologie and meet jessie. she is an absolute doll! she put together an amazing give away, and she came up with the best way to pick the winner. jessie asked us write down the things we liked about ourselves the most (yes, it was tough to write it down on paper, but uplifting and freeing to do) and a mini mussing (a not so fun memory, i thought of one that motivates me daily, i'll share in another post). then she drew my name! can i just tell you, i was lucky enough to win! i still can't believe how amazing this giveaway is. i adore the polka dot scarf, and that white box was packed with jessie's favorite things! my favorite thing was a fun tortoise bauble bar necklace, i've already worn it a few times!

i also can't wait to pick up a copy flower recipe - emmy ray's favorite go-to book. it's full of bouquets that are organic and fresh with great tips (and actual names of flowers) on how to create your own bouquet at home. 

i had a blast with my favorite girls! jana from jana style and lauren from classy and fab girl. now, what events are on your calendar for the rest of spring?


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