kansas city fashion week: sunday show recap

although kcfw ended a few weeks ago, i am still loving the shows from sunday. i've collected my favorite looks from all the shows and broke down the design elements that make up each great piece.

i was impressed with this line immediately. from each look i was blown away even more than the last. every look was constructed beautifully and was pulled together to create a cohesive line. i was most impressed with modesty of zohreh zarrabi's collection. she was able to use fabrics and prints to create sophisticated creations without looking like costumes. i can't wait to see what she presents in september.

lb glam showcased killer accessories. the name says it perfectly, glam. the black onesies with black booties, bouffant hair and lashes, lashes, lashes. the best way to show off necklaces, belts, earrings, and bracelets. i was blown away by a very gaga inspired show. 

the sophie hines collection was full of great metallic details, light tulle layers with a hint of lingerie inspired pieces. each look was more unique and perfect from the last. i adored crimped messy hair to the layered jewelry. i would want to wear every piece because of the impeccable construction and design. 

i'm pretty excited to see what these ladies will bring to kcfw this september!

but in the mean time, go blog social is this weekend! i couldn't be more excited. it is my first blogger conference! i'm ready to learn from all the speakers and meet a ton of new bloggers. i can't wait to share with you what i will take away. anyone been to a blogger conference or go blog social and have any tips? feel free to share away.

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