go blog social recap

if you've been reading gussied up for awhile, you know that i have been writing it since the beginning of 2013. it was my new years resolution to myself. i wanted to be able to share my outfit ideas and have a place to do that. now, i want women to find inspiration and encouragement to wear pieces that they love, and already own. 

i signed up for go blog social as soon as i heard about it. i couldn't wait to learn more about this newish profession/ hobby, and how to do it better. i really enjoy writing and sharing my ideas through pictures for you all. and i am so excited to share all the amazing knowledge that i learned.

gettin' ready for all the fun to begin!!

a huge highlight of the weekend was getting to spend quality time with such amazing women, like jessi from style and pepper

i adored getting to meet and chat with erin from house of earnest. if you haven't checked out her blog, you must! it is a great diy blog with gorgeous ideas and detailed how-to's

i really was blown away by every speaker, they all said something that hit me to my core. i was so impressed with the honesty and realness shared with everyone. i found it so inspiring and important it is to keep it real, and personal on my blog. i love having this little space to call my own and share my thoughts and feels. i also loved getting to connect with the vendors that sponsored all the events. favery is a great jewelry website that was giving away great pieces, like the yellow bracelet above (i won), and the gals from whatruwearing were so sweet. if you haven't downloaded their app yet, go do it! it's a great way to share your outfit ideas and get inspiration for new outfits too! i won the adorable peach sweatshirt, all i had to do was post my outfit and was featured on their blog, wearing it! cute, right!?

kelly snyder from kansas city mamas absolutely blew me away with her knowledge and fierceness about media kits and how to create the perfect one. i literally couldn't write down what she said fast enough. i loved how direct she was with every point and fact she said. my personal favorite was how she told use only use google analytics, she told us to "use google, stop messing around with anything else, this is the standard." direct and to the points like that, just click with me. i loved it. now, who wants to help me design my media kit!? it's going to be fun, for sure!

amanda from amanda marie photography gave great tips on how to use your iphone to take your pictures for your blog. i was hooked. who uses a camera any more anyways, right? just kidding, i do use my camera (well, for my blog pictures, at least). the best/ most awesome take away was that amanda showed us the app afterlight, and how it has and will continue to change my instagram photos.  afterlight has similar photo editing tips to instagram and a beautiful mess app, but it lightens your photos! i almost died. i literally, like 2 minutes before amanda's talk, said, "i really want to learn how to light my photos for instagram." and boom. amanda had my answer! if you are close to the dallas area, i highly suggest using amanda for your photos! she's one talented lady.

nicole from cedar and rush knows how to network like a boss, not seriously. you think you know how to network, and then you listen to nicole. she made me laugh when she was giving us examples of how to introduce your self/ act normal. nicole told not to emotionally exhausting to talk to. if someone asks, "how are you doing?" you must then ask them the same question. sounds pretty easy, right? 

jessie from style and pepper was probably who i was most excited to see! i use to follow her old blog, concrete catwalk (throwback), and loved her eclectic style then and love it more now. i loved getting to listen to jessi talk about the art of "why" and looking at your blog posts in a different light. i always wonder, "why am i writing this, if i was reading this, would i care" she encouraged us to treat our blogs like they were telling a story. and i never thought about it like that before, like that, telling a store. but, it totally makes sense. now, (how am i doing? good, i would hope so). 

erin souder from house of earnest broke down the benefits of a great diy (do it yourself) - cheaper (usually) and totally 100% unique. i really do love a good diy (i just need to get going on it). i've got a rail (up my stairs) that i would like to paint it, a large canvas in our master, and buffet table in the dinning room, they all need a face lift. i adored getting to know erin, and i can't wait to see her again!

a special thank you to the staff that put on this wonderful event! i can't wait to see what is in store for next year!

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