kcfw spring 2014 kick off at standard style

thursday kicked off the spring '14 kcfw festivities and the standard style store opening (after renovations). the store looks so clean, crisp and fresh, i love it. plus the standard beauty bar is packed with gorgeous new products for you to go and try. they have great make up artists ready to help you find your best look. 

laura kathleen showcased her incredible designs at standard on thursday. i was completely blown away by the fabrics and details of every seam. her pieces are completely glamorous, and even machine washable. sounds impossible right? but it's true. laura is super sweet and was so fun to meet me and chat with the fellow bloggers. it was so nice to meet all the wonderful kc bloggers and chat about our favorite pieces. 

here's a little sneak peak of her collection. i can't wait to see the whole collection this on saturday! follow along on my instagram and twitter to catch every moment of the show(s).

ps - how amaze is the light fixture? i'm pretty obsessed. 

the merchandiser in me just loves a good visual - that wall of perfectly stacked denim. absolutely amazing.

the table styling was perfection too. 

meet some of the wonderful ladies from the kcfw kick off event at standard. 
go check out their blogs if you haven't already! enjoy!

if you haven't grabbed tickets yet you can here! the shows start on saturday at 2:00pm and at 8:00pm at union station, this show will be featuring project runway and project runway all-stars designer laura kathleen. the finale is on sunday at 2pm at union station. 

doesn't the store look amazing!? i can't wait to see all the designs tomorrow. what are you excited to see?


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