kcfw: saturday's look

okay, so kcfw kicked off this week and it was absolutely amazing! i mean, it was a full four days of events and shows. i couldn't get enough. the designers were great to meet and finally see all their creations (stay tuned for everything, my favorite designs, designers, and where you can grab their pieces). i was able to meet so many kc bloggers, and i can not wait to hang out again. 

so let's get a little serious, this outfit. i'm pretty partial to it. i wish i could tell you i had this planned out weeks before, but then i would totally be lying to you, and i don't want to do that. i'm gonna keep it real, i totally waited until the morning of, and pulled it together. i knew this vintage midi skirt needed to have a moment i mean i needed to make sure that when i sat down, that i wasn't going to flash a little thigh or anything (that's not cute), right? plus i just love the color. and i was totally ready to rock the new sjp pumps from the dallas trip (yes i wore them, i had too, they're just to pretty). i then paired this structured blazer and fitted top to complete the look. and i was ready for the shows. 

blazer: bcbg (old) but similar here | top: bcbg  (old) but similar here| skirt: vintage but similar here | pumps: sjp | necklace: nachelle | rings: lulu frost

and i almost forgot, the lulu frost rings are sentimental pieces to me. the six and the four are the most meaning full numbers to me, its our wedding date. june 4th will be our third anniversary (too crazy), and i read for the third year you give leather...anyone have a good idea for a present? for leather i am thinking like a belt, watch (gave him one for our wedding), or baseball glove. haha. what would you give?

anyways back to kcfw, keep checking back all week to see my favorite shows and designers. i will let you know where you can find the looks from the runway, i want to know that info too! to insure you don't miss a post subscribe by email and add me on google + too.

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