styling tips #2

good afternoon gussied up readers! i am excited to show you how to accessorize in this styling tips post. i have been asked by a few friends "cait, can you show me how to wear accessories?" so i thought i would show you all my favorite accessories looks from past posts and what pieces to look for when you are out shopping!

 the board i styled below is a great go to list for accessories. this list is great if you are new to accessorizing your look and need to know where to start. i think all of  the pieces below are killer and great for any style.  

The Gussied Up: Wardrobe Checklist


i'm a big fan of statement necklaces. i tend to wear statement necklaces. they are a great go-to for any outfit. best paired with a simple stud earring. wearing a large earring with a large necklace is confusing to the eye. keep it simple.

my other two favorite necklace styles are:
short and delicate 
 long, usually with a pendant at the bottom. 

when styling necklaces it is always - and i mean, always important to keep in mind the top or dress you are wearing. the best advice i've ever received was, "never let your necklace compete with you neckline." it's true. how annoying is it when your necklace falls inside your blouse, all. day. long. 

therefore, if your wearing a higher neckline it is best to wear a necklace that is going to lay on top of your top or dress and not fall in. 

wear delicate short, chokerish styled necklaces with bigger earrings.

and wear long necklaces with v-necks or necklines that hit lower than our collar bone. i would recommend wearing a stud or small earring here too.

love the forever 21 blue statement piece i wore here.  

the j.crew long necklace i wore here i adore. it's a great piece to wear with a v-neck and crew neck top.


are a great accessory, but i don't really wear them that much. i tend to spend more time picking out the right necklace and bracelets for an outfit, before earrings. i need to change it up. and wear them more, for sure.

for this post i want you to know what to shop for. i recommend owning a great pair of diamond and pearl earrings. they are classic and do go with everything.

as for the other styles. i love a great chandelier, hoop, and small drop earring.    

i love these j.crew flower studs i wore here. they are huge and i wear them when i wear a dressier look. aren't they fab?

i grabbed these tortoise shell sparklers the first time i ever visited the ruby rouge boutique. it was love at first sight.

and who doesn't love a great pair of kendra scott drop earring? i love the size and impact of these earrings. they go great with everything, especially the turquoise. it's the most complementary color there is.


there are so many styles to choose from, i don't think you can go wrong. but if you have to choose, i would buy a giant cocktail ring for your right hand. even if you're single. the right hand needs some love too.

i wore a great cocktail ring from bcbg here. i love the way the pave flower organically wraps around my finger. 

i paired a bunch of rings together for this post. what do you think about layering your rings tougher?

 the midi ring trend is so cool right now. i ordered a few back in the fall from fifth & mae and love them.  now i just need to get them on here. how adorable is this ring?


my favorite bracelet in all the land is the j.crew classic pave link bracelet. it has been my favorite bracelet for just about three years. if you have smaller wrists like me, i recommend layering it with a watch and other bracelets, as it does tend to slide up and down your arm. 

i am a huge fan of j.crew bracelets. there is just something about them. the gems they choose are always so polished and gorgeous. 

i also love the classic look of the david yurman cable bracelets. they have a weight to them and feels like the will never slide off. i love how they usually are mixed with gold and silver metal, so you can wear them with anything else. 

stella and dot and are the best for on trend jewelry. 

i paired my j.crew bracelet with my david yurman bracelet and my michael kors watch here

i paired my j.crew pave bracelet with another fab j.crew bracelet and another david yurman bracelet here

thank you for reading this super long post. i hope you learned about about accessorizing and how to do it right. 

please let me know if you have any questions about what to wear and how to wear it.

you can always email me at gussiedup [dot] cf {at} gmail {dot} com


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