love who you're with

for the cheesiest of holidays, i thought i would share one of my favorite engagement pics of us. the amazingly talented abby coyle took these. i still am obsessed with these to this day. 

i am obsessed with figuring out how to love my babe more and more. i find the love languages to be an amazing way to understand how, you wish to receive love and how, you like to show love. take the test with your babe or your girls, to see how you love. 

i love, love.

the hubs and i will be on vacay over valentine's day. but i have to say, flowers by emily in kc is absolutely amazing. every arrangement is so perfect and the flowers are always perfect and last forever! 
oh and i highly recommend asking for a florists choice - it is usually more organic and i feel like the florists pick their favorite flowers, aka the best looking ones. and who wouldn't want that, right!?

how sweet is this list. i find this list to make love easy and sweet. the way it should be. love yourself and the one(s) you are with.


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