sjp sweet kicks

as soon as i heard sjp was pairing up with manolo, i died. a real life sex and the city carrie shoe - on my foot, duh. i'm in, fo sho. so i've been stalking the internet to see every pair i can find. so, below is every pair and purse i could find. check out the gorgeous pieces sjp and manolo have created. 

how precious is the ribbon detail on the back of these pumps. which by the way were inspired from the ribbon her mother used to tie in her hair. aweeeee

how sweet are the bows on this pair.


what a lovely gal.

how fantastic is the sjp on the sole. swoon.

the pics from this shoot are so inspiring. i just want to print them out and hang them all over my house. i'm sure my mister would just love it. haha

so, out of all the gorgeous shoes ms. parker designed, i would have to say, this pair kind of does it for me. the color - amazing, the silhouette classic, and suede so luscious. on feb. 28 at midnight, these are what i plan on snagging.  

see - they are just so pretty.

this is one of my favorite shots from the covetour shoot. it shows all the shoes perfectly! how magical are all these colors? so the prices of these beauties are ranging from just under $200 - $500 bucks. not sure what styles are priced higher or lower. if anyone finds those detes, i would love to know. 

fabulous news! sjp is gets to fly around the u.s. and promote these beauties. 

dallas - here we come!
i mean, for sure. a chance to meet sjp! 

what pairs are you lusting over?