2013 is coming to a close

This year has been a magnificent one for sure. 

I started this blog! My new years resolution - very cool to see how it has blossomed! I am excited to share more passions of mine in 2014. (check back soon).

The hubs and I went on some very memorable trips this year. We fell in love with Chicago - we didn't have a single moment planned. We even booked our hotel 2 days out. I highly recommend sharing adventures with your love.

We were blessed with a trip of a life time for Thanksgiving. We sailed around the BVI with eight of our best friends from college. It was a trip that truly changed my perspective on life. I've definitely been inspired to want more moments with people I love, and need less of the things I usually want. I hope that makes sense. 

I am excited to see what 2014 has in store. 

I hope to keep you all inspired and encouraged through gussied up. 

From our first day in the BVI. It was too beautiful for words. 

We spent about half an hour with a gang of dolphins swimming with our yacht. Simply amazing!

One more - just for good measure. 

I hope 2013 treated you well. I hope your wishes and dreams for 2014 come true.


Caitlin ForeComment