adventures lately

My sweetheart and I took a fun trip to explore Chicago to celebrate two years of marriage. 

We made it to the Bean on the first day - which I loved! We went to Lincoln Park and explored the Zoo! Such a gorgeous place.

We both agreed that the Second City performance we saw was the highlight of our trip. The jokes were absolutely hilarious I'm still laughing - no really, I am. haha

My sweet sister and I went to the Beyonce concert!!!!! It was an event of a lifetime! And I couldn't have spent the night with a better gal!

I mean, it's Beyonce, she's the queen. Her show was absolutely perfect with more outfit changes than I could keep count of. Incredible.

The outfit for the Beyonce concert. I had to make Beyonce proud. 

Kev and I got to spend the 4th with our families back in OK. It was so nice to cook and play games with everyone.

This was my 4th of July outfit. I finally got the sock bun to work! And it's perfect for summer time when it's too hot to wear your hair down. It looks so chic, it's great!

Isn't this fruit bouquet gorgeous? My talented mama made this for the 4th. And boy was it yummy!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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