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I'm Cait, and I am the Founder and Editor of! I love it here. It's the place you come to see how you can elevate the attainable. See, I'm a normal girl just like you. I love to shop and get a good deal — did you know I'm a personal stylist? (Yep, for real people, just like you). I mean, I am an ex-retail girl, and I just can't get over paying full price, and I don't think you should either. So follow along with me on my journey of dressing up to create the life of my dreams, on sale at a time.

Want to know more? Well, I am married to my college sweetheart (he's usually the photographer), my rock and yin to my crazy yang, Kevin. We live out in the burbs of Kansas City with our sweet boy Bennett, German Shephard, Daisy and our daughter will be making her debut this summer! I met Kevin at Oklahoma State University during a co-rec basketball game, and the rest is history. Oh, and it's where I studied Apparel Merchandising and Studio Art. I’m so happy you are here, I want everyone that stops by to know they can have fun with their clothes and enjoy the wardrobes they’ve created! And of courseI hope you find the inspiration along the way!

I'd love to connect and help you with any of your styling needs. I promise it's super fun!

AND I'd love to connect with your brand and help you promote it on here, the best way I can!




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